Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Activity Report forms

Here are the links to the Library Activity Report online forms. Librarians will submit this information at the beginning of each six weeks for the six weeks prior.

Library Activity Report 11-12 (Elementary)

Library Activity Report 11-12 (Secondary)


Circulation classes - Classes that are checking out/returning books only.

Fixed classes (elementary only) - Classes that are dropped off in the library; teacher is not present OR Librarian does all instruction; teacher does not participate.

Independent research classes (secondary only) - Classes are doing research in the library; there is no direct instruction by the librarian; librarian is assisting students individually as needed

Collaborative instruction classes - Classes that are co-taught by librarian and teacher; teacher actively participates in the lesson

Reading lessons - lessons taught that focus on a reading objective, such as author's purpose, genre, inference, etc.

Research lessons - lessons taught that focus on a part of the Research Cycle, such as questioning, sources, note taking, etc.

Technology lessons - lessons taught that focus on students using a technology skill or tool, such as creating a PowerPoint, using the laptop, becoming familiar with the browser, etc.

Other lessons - lessons that don't fit into any of the above categories

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