Monday, August 29, 2011

Elementary Only! Filter info

Mary and I now have a better understanding of how the filter should be working at the elementary campuses. This post will attempt to explain it. Please use the comments below to post your questions.

There are three levels of internet access:

  • 1. Basic – sites that have been “whitelisted” for access without a login.
  • 2. Student – Basic level + additional sites that have been identified as ok for student users.
  • 3. Staff – Basic level + Student level + additional sites that have been identified as ok for staff users.

Elementary library desktop machines for students will not require a login on startup every morning. (Actually, the login occurs “behind the scenes” and gives the Basic level of access.) The Firefox browser should open to your library web page. Users of these machines will be able to navigate to any site that is within the Basic level of access.

Anyone who needs to use these machines for Student or Staff level of internet access will need to go to the Apple menu and log off then login with their individual username and password. When they are finished browsing they will need to log off and reboot the machine.

We are currently working with Instructional Technology to create the “whitelisted” sites for the Basic level of access. This will include all sites in the domain plus all of the library online resources. If there are other sites that your students use from the desktop workstations, please let us know what those are, so we can add those as well.

IMPORTANT: There is NO OVERRIDE anymore! If you are using a student workstation and see the screen below, it means that you are trying to access a site that is beyond the Basic level of access. If you enter your personal username and password, you are giving that workstation YOUR credentials and YOUR personal level of access for 45 minutes. This will allow anyone who uses that machine after you to “drive” around on the Internet using your driver’s license and makes YOU responsible for the sites they visit. Once you have entered your credentials, there is no way to log out. Restarting the machine does not log out either.

Rule of thumb: if you see this authentication screen on a library desktop or laptop, you are not logged in correctly.

This is a little different than we understood at the beginning of school. I’m sorry for the confusion. We are still working through how this will look and act.

I’m sure there will be questions. Through discussion, we’ll figure it out together!


  1. If my library computers aren't logging in on their own, what should I use for the username/password?

  2. For now, you can use student/learn, but that login will be disabled soon. We will contact and let them know that your computers aren't starting up correctly.

    If there is anyone else who has student desktop machines that have a login screen after a reboot, please let Debbie or me know.

  3. I still have to login with student/learn but Firefox opens on it's own.

  4. WE are trying to find out the best way to have these issues fixed. We will let you know when we find out more.