Friday, August 19, 2011

Region 10 ELAR Update

from the Literacy Team at Region 10:

***Feel free to contact us through our Region 10 web page ***

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a rejuvenating summer and that the air conditioners in all your buildings are working properly!

We wanted to let you know about a resource that may help you get your year started. We have color-coded the TEKS Vertical Alignment Document to show which standards are Readiness Standards (color-coded red) and which are Supporting Standards (color-coded yellow).  Here's how to find that document on our web site.

  1. First click here:
  2. (You can get here through "Quick Links" on the Region 10 home page.)
  3. Under RESOURCES, click LITERACY.
  6. It will ask you to either log in to our Online Professional Development site, or to create a login.  This is separate from your regular Region 10 login, but you can set it up as the exact same login if you want.
  7. Once you're logged in, it will say something like "You are about to enroll in this course....."  Don't panic!  It's not a real course where you take tests or anything!  It's just the way the system is set up.  Once you're in, you have access to any of our resources.  The top one is ELAR TEKS READINESS AND SUPPORTING STANDARDS.  That's the color-coded version of the Vertical Alignment Document.
You'll also find other resources there that may interest you.

Let us know how we can support you as you begin this new year!

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