Monday, August 8, 2011


Welcome to the MISD Library Info blog! This is the place to find up to date information for Mesquite ISD librarians.

After August 18, Library Services staff will no longer send out mass emails to all librarians. If you think about it, email is really inefficient as a one-to-many means of communication. If something in an email isn't clear, one person may ask a question and get a response that others with the same question never see. Another problem with mass emails is that recipients using the Reply All feature sometimes send out information that is not necessarily pertinent to everyone.

There are several benefits to using a blog in place of the group email.

  • Information is archived. Have you ever absent-mindedly deleted an email that included an attachment that you needed? I've been guilty of this myself! On the blog, everything will be archived and categorized by the month, so information is always readily available.
  • Information is searchable. Technically, email is searchable too, but if you have ever tried to use the Outlook search feature, you know that it is sometimes not user friendly. Plus with the limit on mailbox size, people often feel the need to delete. With this method, you will be assured that the information you need is always at your fingertips.
  • Comments are way more efficient than emailing. Say that I post some information about a new purchasing procedure and accidentally omit an important piece of information. If I had emailed it, I'd get several emails asking for clarification. I'd either have to respond to those emails individually or send out one of those "Oops, sorry, I forgot to tell you this..." emails. On the blog, one person asks the question in the comments, I can answer it once and everyone can see the answer.
So in order to be kept in the loop, you will have to commit to checking this blog on a daily basis. If it will help you remember, you can subscribe by email to be notified of new posts. You can add it to your Google Reader and check that every day. Another way to remind yourself to check it daily, might be to make this blog the start page that comes up when you open the browser on your computer. Even a post-it note on your computer monitor will work.

Whatever it takes to remind yourself to check the blog is ok - just check it!

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