Friday, September 16, 2011

Are you giving yourself credit?

At the beginning of the year, we talked about how many of you weren't submitting statistics for things that you deemed an ordinary part of your job. 

We just finished up Open House for this year. This is one of those ordinary parts of your job. You do it every year. In fact, you are required to be there. You're not required to do anything but hang out in the library and visit with any parents and students who happen to come in.

Some of you, though, use Open House as a golden opportunity to showcase the library and design ways to get people in. You go beyond what is required to get people into the library.

What did you do during Open House this year to encourage people to stop in and visit the library? 

...Demonstrate the Digital Library or other library resources? 

...Offer a story time or activities for toddlers while parents met with their older siblings' teachers? 

...Check out books to parents?

...Pass out a flyer advertising the services you can provide?

...Display a video of students learning in the library?

If you took the opportunity to promote what you do in the library at Open House, you need to give yourself credit - because it's not required and you have gone above and beyond.

Count what you did as 1 Special Event and describe what you did that was a step above the norm. You deserve it!

Photo citation: Superman.

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