Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 13-iPad Training

Next Tuesday we will meet at the PDC Leadership room for iPad Training! Plan to begin at 12:30 and bring your iPad! ;-)

The app store is now charging a price for Go Sky Watch. If you didn't get it for free, let me know and I can purchase it for you to redeem at the iTunes store. Just let me know immediately so I can get you the code for download! There is a Toy Story 3 iphone app that is still free if you are looking for that.

Please make sure you have downloaded the other apps needed at the training. If you have any questions about how to download or redeem apps--call me! I would love to help!

Apps for iPad Training


  1. I didn't get the Go Sky Watch App for free. Can you still purchase it for me? Thanks!

  2. I also need the Go Sky Watch App, Debbie