Monday, October 17, 2011

iOS 5 is here!

You will want to update your iPad with the new software! Click here to watch a video on the cool new features.

To update your iPad:
  1. Update iTunes to version 10.5 on your laptop or computer (the one you used to originally sync with the iPad)
  2. Connect your iPad
  3. Transfer all purchases on the iPad to the laptop/computer for a backup
  4. To do this: go to file and choose "transfer purchases from (your iPad)"
  5. Sync your iPad
  6. Click your iPad icon listed on the left side of iTunes and click the Summary tab on the top
  7. You should see a message that there is a new software update.
  8. Click update
You might want to allow some time for this. It took Mary and I about an hour for the process.
This sync is more in-depth than other updates and there will be some questions for you to answer on your iPad to reset it up. Call me if you have questions!! 5547

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