Friday, October 14, 2011

Lone Star giveaway

I have a set of Lone Star books to give away!

Entering is easy...just leave a comment telling me why you'd like a set of Lone Star books for your library. Be sure to include your name with your comment.

The drawing will be held Wednesday, October 19.


  1. Please enter Kimbrough in the drawing for the set of Lone Star books.I'd really like to have them! Thanks, Cheri' Toogood

  2. We have 6th graders on our campus, and they would love to have access to the Lone Star books! With money in short supply, we concentrate on purchasing books appropriate for many levels, so the Lone Star set is not a luxury we can afford. Our students have one of the highest circulation rates in the district, so we would make great use of a set of Lone Star books!

  3. Our 6th graders like reading lone star books because it makes them feel like real middle school students. Please enter Seabourn!

  4. I would love to have an extra set of Lone Star titles in the Agnew library because mine are all checked out, and stay all checked out! Another set would be great for more kids to participate in the Lone Star Reading program. I've got about 40 kids that have participated so far and would love to double that number!

  5. I have a number of advanced readers at Pirrung who would love to have a chance to read what the "big" kids are reading.

    In His Service,

  6. So far 198 students have read at least 1 Lone Star book this year. A total of 226 Lone Star books have been read. We cannot keep any on the shelf, so we really want to win the set.
    Cheri' Toogood, Kimbrough M.S.