Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tech Help

As you are aware, the district is using a new filter this school year. Instructional Technology has asked us to help spread the word about the filter and websites. We are basically starting over with the "allowed" websites. If you find websites that should be allowed please fill out the "allow" form. They feel many teachers (and librarians) are dealing with the issue and not filling out the form. Please encourage staff to fill out the "Internet Filter Allow" and make the filter work better for us. You can get to the form through the links above but it is located on the Staff button of the Mesquite ISD homepage.

Along these same lines, I've heard from several of you that on particular machines or with particular students the filter doesn't seem to behave as you think it should. Maybe it's asking for a login after a student is already logged in. I have gotten permission to send these to tech services so we can troubleshoot some of the problems instead of going through the help desk. Below is a form for you to fill out explaining issues you experience in your library. Fill out the form and I'll pass on to the appropriate personnel. Hopefully, this will help you and tech services find some solutions to problems. Any new technology always has glitches to work out. Thanks for being part of the solution!!

Filter Issues

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