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Co-teaching in the library

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***Although these examples are elementary, this is what co-teaching in the library looks like at any level.***

I recently had this question from an elementary principal:

I believe first and second grade classes are going to the library for 30 minutes.
What would I expect to see in that 30 minutes?  What is the responsibility of the teacher/librarian?

This was my answer:

The ideal would be for there to be some type of lesson focusing on either reading, research or technology skills where the librarian and the teacher co-teach.

 The teacher sets the purpose for the instruction to take place and ties it to what is being taught in the classroom. The librarian then teaches the skill lesson, with the teacher monitoring groups or independent practice as needed. At the end, the teacher again ties the learning in with what is going on in the classroom and both talk about why the skill is important in the real world.

 For example, if the class is working on main idea, they could continue this in the library. The teacher would review the definition of main idea as she taught it in the classroom. Then the librarian could introduce a read aloud, asking students to listen for the main idea. After the read aloud, the librarian would lead a discussion about the main idea in the story read. Students would tell what they think the main idea was, while the teacher scribes these ideas. Then the librarian and the teacher would help them come to a consensus on the correct answer based on the definition of main idea.

 A research lesson might be how to use a picture dictionary. The teacher would tie that in with spelling, vocabulary, reading, etc. The librarian would teach the lesson. Both the librarian and the teacher would monitor as students practice using the dictionary, then the teacher would talk about why it's important to learn to use a dictionary.

 Checkout should be taking place on an as needed basis - maybe daily for the little ones. They can come individually to the library when they need a new book or the teacher can bring the whole class. If the library is big enough, instruction and checkout can take place at the same time - especially if individual students are coming on their own.

Co-teaching with the librarian is a new idea for some teachers. How is it going on your campus?

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