Monday, March 19, 2012

Elementary only: K-2 research

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I received the following information from Teddi Fulenwider today regarding research for grades K-2:

I am attaching the research lesson plan for K-2 which will be in Weeks 29 & 30.  I'd gotten emails from a few of the librarians before the break wanting to pull books and wanting to know the ‘topic’.  Unfortunately that will be decided whenever the teachers plan for those two weeks.
 The lessons are the same with the exception of level of independence and end product.  The TEKS are almost identical.
 Week 31, being STAAR is just read and enjoying good books.  They have the choice to continue or get a jump on Week 31.   Week 31 will be media literacy with pulling their research together using some sort of technology.  I have listed several websites for ideas on Eduphoria.
 Anyway, I hope this helps the librarians think about how they can help.

I didn't find the lessons she attachedon Eduphoria yet, so I have uploaded them to Docushare for you to review at your convenience. 

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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to get this information for everyone. It does make a difference!