Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fun facts to know and tell

As you start this school, here are a couple of fun facts to share:

In the 2012-13 school year, TEA registered 4,640 school librarians and 5,075,840 students (from early education through grade 12). 

In Mesquite ISD we have 48 librarians and almost 39,000 students or 1 librarian for every 812 students.

School libraries have miles of books!
·        Want to figure out how many miles of books you have?
·        Multiply the # of books in your collection by 9; then divide that number by 12 = feet of books if lined up length to length (with 9” being the standard length).
·        You can then calculate the number of miles you have. Remember 5280 feet equals one mile.
·        You can come up will all sorts of playful facts (i.e., we have 15 football fields’ length of books; we have enough books to cross the town, etc.).

Mesquite libraries have enough books to stretch from here to Waco! How many miles of books does your library have?

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