Monday, September 16, 2013

Sharing your great ideas

MISD librarians have great ideas and a couple were shared with me this week that I wanted to pass on to everyone.

Selena at AC New set aside one day this week to do training on the Digital Library for her faculty. This is the email that she sent out:

Subject: Free books and how to get them on your iPad! 
Next Wednesday, September 18th, stop by the library for free e-books, audiobooks and a smelly prize :-)
 I will be offering training on how to use the Overdrive Media Console app on your iPad to access thousands of books in our digital library.  Bring your iPad and your employee ID number.
 I’ll help you get setup to load and read free e-books or download and listen to free audiobooks!!
 Each session will start 10 minutes into the period.  No obligation and no purchase necessary, but don’t forget about that smelly prize incentive for coming.
 See you then!

Leann and Sherry at NMHS are piggybacking on the BYOD initiative and promoting having the library in your pocket at this week's Open House. Here's the flyer that they will be handing out.

Thanks Selena, Leann and Sherry for sharing your great ideas! If you have a great idea to share with others, please let me know. Maybe next time we'll feature YOUR great idea.


  1. Just to add to this--we also created a pocket with QR codes that take you directly to the app store to download library apps. We got the URLs for the QR codes here:

  2. Selena, I am using your idea soon! Our teachers just received their iPads and need some instruction on the digital library!