Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Library Snapshot Day 2013

Thanks to those of you who submitted data last week for Snapshot Day. We had about half of our libraries participate, so you could probably double these numbers for a district-wide picture. 

On our snapshot day...

  • we had 5,789 library visitors;
  • we had 2,341 people who came to the library to use a computer;
  • we answered 724 reference questions;
  • we circulated 18,366 items;
  • we had 6,040 visitors to our library web pages;
  • we had 2,266 elementary students participating in library activities;
  • we had 851 secondary students participating in library activities;
  • we had 315 adults participating in library activities:
  • we served 2,099 students through 1:1 or  general class instruction;
  • we served 1,358 students through 1:1 or class technology instruction;
  • we worked collaboratively with 157 teachers; AND
  • we had 567 students participate in non-class related activities, such as book clubs, Teen Read Week, etc.

As part of the snapshot, there was also a user survey in addition to the data collected. There were some great comments submitted by our library users. These are a few of my favorites:

I love the library! It's a place where you can read and learn a lot of stuff you never knew before. Books can help you learn about someone, help with your projects and sometimes just for entertainment. To me the library is a place that takes you into a whole new world called imagination!!!!! -- MS Student

Ms. XXX does so many different types of lessons with our first graders. She uses technology some days, reads books, does interactive lessons with the kids, and so much more. My class loves going to the library. -- Elementary Teacher

the library is a place where people come together being in the library for the past few days made me three new friends and i was just doing some work for class -- HS Student

And my all-time favorite:
our library is the best in Texas. I feel so successful when I'm in here. And our Librarians are so nice and helpful. They care about our learning -- HS Student

Wow! This student summarized perfectly what we are all about, right?

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