Monday, December 9, 2013

Fingerprinting requirement for authors/guest speakers

The district has just received a notice from TEA regarding a fingerprinting requirement for contractors who will have direct contact with students on school property.

You can read the official notification here, but this is what it boils down to for us:

Authors and other guest speakers who are paid to do presentations for your students are considered "contractors" and are subject to the fingerprint requirement. This would include Mother Goose, Zooniversity presenters, storytellers, poets, Santa Claus, etc.

When you are considering inviting a presenter to your library, please verify that they have met the fingerprint requirement FIRST before booking them. 

If your presenter has not been fingerprinted and is not sure what to do, you can point him/her to this page on the TEA web site:
Information for School District Contractors

Presenters who are NOT paid will need to have the same district criminal background check as a volunteer.


UPDATE 1/16/14: 
It seems that TEA has softened their stance about fingerprinting.  Now they are saying that we must fingerprint anyone:

**Who is paid either by us, a grant, a donor, or by anyone else 
**Who works directly with students without supervision

We do not have to fingerprint a volunteer (but we do have to do a background check).

We do not have to fingerprint a contractor who is paid who will be supervised at all times and who is there for a one-time event.

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