Friday, December 6, 2013

Top Shelf Advertising

Did you know that part of being a librarian is knowing how to advertise and market the resources that we have? Of course you did!

Here's one way to advertise online resources - provide a slick tutorial highlighting the database features in a graphical and colorful format.

Selena at AC New created just such a document promoting the trial of Britannica School. This is the email that she sent out to everyone:

We have a new trial database, Britannica School, that is very user friendly and helpful for both students and teachers.  Here is a PDF with some info to help you.  I created the file with Strip Design (which is an app I will share with you during your Appy Hour next Monday). 

Try it out and see what you think....SK

Click here to see the PDF.

Thanks to Selena for sharing her top shelf creation!


  1. Thank you Selena for sharing! You do such a good marketing job!

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