Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Shelf Decorative Touches

Since our staff development on connecting to your community through the library's physical and virtual environments, we're starting to see some sprucing up in both areas. Today's "top shelf" post focuses on some physical library improvements that are taking place around the district.

Several of you have been working on identifying the library from the hallway. As we learned in our staff development, the space outside should reflect what kind of space you will find when you come inside the library.

Connie at Rugel used a resource mentioned at our staff development and ordered the big Scrabble tiles for the wall outside the library.

She said within an hour of putting them up, she had so many nice comments, including this one:
“Now us little people will know where to come!!”
Don't you just love it? Sometimes we forget that one door looks like another to our little ones and these big signs can really help them out.

One day when I was at Agnew, I caught Paula up on a ladder hanging these letters over her door. (Maintaining your environment counts as management and maintenance, by the way.)

Although you can see that the library is behind those glass doors, the colorful letters coordinate with her decor inside and enforce the perception that the library is a vibrant, fun place.

I have to also give a shout out to Meghan at Hanby. She also added the colorful letters to the wall outside her door. Now there's no doubt what is behind that door when it is closed and everyone will know where to go.

At Wilkinson, Misti has been busy refurbishing some of her tables. She added chalkboard paint to some and used Mod Podge to decorate others. She reports that her users (kids and teachers) are loving the updates.

Have you done something to perk up your library environment? Send us your pics and we'll feature your updates too!

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