Thursday, December 19, 2013

You Asked For It!

Overdrive has added a new feature that lets users suggest titles to add our Digital Library.  While users will be able to recommend titles not currently in the collection, they won't have access to Overdrive's full collection.  They will be limited to viewing titles that are a part of Overdrive's collection of titles with juvenile or young adult subject categories, titles that have school metadata such as Lexile scores or titles that have been added to other school library collections.
As we add these titles they can be found under the Collections tab.  The collection is named, You Asked For It!

In order to recommend titles after a search is executed users will see this link at the bottom of the page.  

By clicking this link users will be presented with a list of titles to recommend.  It's that easy.  Spread the word!

P.S. We just added new titles for elementary, middle and high school users!! Happy reading over the holidays!

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