Monday, February 17, 2014

District Technology Plan

Just wanted you to be "in the know" about future initiatives regarding technology in the district.  The following projects are being planned to enhance student learning and skill development.

  1. Pre-K and K--5 iPads per classroom to support skill development and TA TEKS
  2. Grades 1-5--4 laptops per classroom to support intervention and TA TEKS
  3. Grade 6--1:1 iPads to focus on science, social studies and TA TEKS
  4. Grades 6-8--5 laptops per math classroom to support TTM and TA TEKS
  5. High School BYOD--5 devices per classroom to supplement student devices
  6. High School Library-- technology refresh
We will keep you informed as we find out more information regarding timelines, professional development, curriculum support, etc...

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