Friday, February 14, 2014

Finding treasure

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Don't you just love it when you open an email or click on a link and find an absolute treasure?

That's what happened today when I opened an email that had been posted to the AASL listserv. A librarian was looking for books that could teach the concept of problem and solution. The person who answered her question provided SO MUCH more than that.

Here's what she said:

Using a “book”  or “passage”  to teach a principle is  often called,  a “mentor text.” There was a group of librarians at AASL13  in Hartford who had compiled a GREAT list of mentor texts on different curriculum topics. 

Here is the URL: 

  When you follow their index on the left down to “problem and solution”  they have a full page for you: 

Wow! This wiki is an absolute treasure trove of book titles that can be used to teach pretty much every reading comprehension skill and literary device known to man.

You're gonna want to share this one!

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