Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Food for Thought: Library expectations

Some librarians have been wondering what we are looking for in terms of posted library expectations when we do our walkthroughs. There are a couple of different ways to approach this.

Sometimes a campus develops a school-wide set of behavior expectations and those are posted everywhere, including in the library. Here's an example of this type of signage:

Cannaday Elementary

If there aren't any campus-wide expectations in place, librarians are free to develop their own guidelines for behavior, but we're not talking about traditional classroom "rules." Library expectations are generally based on these ideas:

  • the library is a community space that is shared with others
  • in a shared space, users of that space must demonstrate respect/consideration for other people and take care of the facility and the materials
  • the library belongs to everyone, so everyone has a responsibility to help take care of it

We've seen several examples of library expectations that reflect these ideas around the district:

Kimbrough MS

Mackey Elementary

Horn HS

Berry MS

If you don't currently have expectations posted, think about the best way to simply convey to students how you'd like them to treat materials and people in the library and go from there!

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