Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top Shelf idea: Sprucing up old library furniture

Florence Elementary was built in 1965. Although changes have been made to the library location throughout the years, I believe the current furniture that is still in use was original to the building. If not original, it was replaced in the early 80s when the library moved to its current location in the building. Anyway, I think you get the idea - this stuff is OLD.

Needless to say, it needed a little sprucing up and got some much needed attention over Spring Break. Karen Syblik, our new librarian there, took a page from the library environment staff development we had earlier this year. She painted the tables with idea paint.

Here's part of an email Karen sent me earlier this week:

Check out the picture of kindergarten retelling beginning, middle, and end of our read aloud that day.  They are LOVING it!

She included this picture...

I love that the idea paint isnt just being used for fun, but for instructional purposes too. Great job, Karen! Thanks for sharing your project with us!

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