Friday, August 29, 2014

Cleaning the data projector filter

Random image of a projector - not the one you have ;-)
I am posting these tips shared by Meghan @ Hanby so anyone who needs them can find them again. If you are getting a message on your computer that the projector filter needs to be cleaned, Meghan says:

...If the message is appearing on your computer screen then it is just a suggestion.  If a teacher is getting a message on the [Promethean] board itself from the projector then you may need to clean the filter.  I personally clean ours here but some people turn in a work order. All you need to do is find the filter on the side of the projector and pop it out. 

There is a little piece of foam usually that simply needs to be vacuumed.  I bought a small vacuum that I keep in my office and the teachers will just send it down with a child and you can clean it in about 15 seconds.   I just vacuum around the foam or insert and the plastic piece itself to get the dust off.  When the teacher puts it back in there is a reset option on the menu that they need to reset to oh  it looks like oh but it really says 0 hours.

Be careful when you vacuum the foam…hold on to it tight.  We had one from an old projector that was fragile and I accidently got it sucked into the vacuum.  Before I bought one for my office I used to get the vacuum from the custodians closet across the hall and use the wand to clean them. It is easy and saves the teacher a lot of time and hassle.  If you do not clean the filter then eventually it will overheat and won’t turn on.  If a projector wont’ come on this is the first thing to check.  Then of course check the bulb.

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