Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New district website

As you are very aware, the district has a brand new website. All of the info is still there but you may have to search for it a little longer! As with all "new" technology, be patient, it will get better with time.

A few things you may want to know:

  • The URL's have changed for pages on the new site .  Library Services new address is: http://www.mesquiteisd.org/academics/library
  • Secondary library websites have changed URL's.  To see your URL, go to your library page (access from Library Services) and copy the URL in the browser bar. You can use this link to change any bookmarks you have.
  • Online Resources new address is: http://www.mesquiteisd.org/academics/library-services/online-resources/ For now we are using the one page that has all resources for K-12. If you want to highlight a particular resource for an assignment, you can always pull it out and put on your website to make it easier for students to access. 
  • Elementary librarians will want to change their Search page URL to the new link for Online Resources. If you need help with this, give me a call.
  •  Secondary librarians using Contribute to edit their websites will need to create a new connection.  See these directions for help.
  • If you are using a white old mac laptop as your librarian laptop and want to be entered into a drawing for a Macbook Air, respond to this posting by Wednesday, Oct 8th at 4:00!!