Monday, November 17, 2014

New Sirsi Server

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While you are enjoying your well-deserved week of family, friends, shopping, eating and relaxing, technical services and SirsiDynix will be installing a new server for us. When you return on Monday, December 1, Workflows will be down.  We hope it will just be for a very short time but want you to be prepared.
Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Top Shelf Bulletin Board

Sonya Hervey at Gray created this bulletin board outside her library. It encourages students to read across the genres and she posts their photos next to the genre completed by the student. It looks like they could have bar graph lesson as well! Thanks Sonya for the TOP SHELF idea!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Region 10 Spring 2015 Staff Staff Development Offerings

Greetings!  Below please find the library coop flyer of professional development opportunities for the Spring.  Please note we are featuring a webinar series, Text Set Tuesdays, this semester as we seek ways to better meet your needs.

Remember all sessions are open to any educator at any campus that belongs to the R10 library coop.  The TexQuest sessions are open to any public or open enrollment charter school that uses the TexQuest databases.

I will be happy to bring training out to you and your clustered locations, when possible and to come out to your campus to help with specific professional library-related issues like weeding, ordering, programming, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further information, have any questions, or have any suggestions for future topics or presenters you feel would benefit the library coop community.


Terry Roper, Library Consultant
Region 10 Education Service Center
400 E. Spring Valley Rd.
Richardson, TX  75081


Click here to download the document.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Literacy Specialists meeting notes

The elementary Literacy Specialists had their November meeting this morning.

The topics discussed were:

  • Guided reading
  • Classroom libraries
  • Genre

Click here for my notes.

Regarding classroom libraries (this is in my notes, but I want to say it here too, in case you don't click through). 

Don't be threatened by teachers having classroom libraries. Research shows that kids with greater access to reading materials read more, increase vocabulary and comprehension. They should be surrounded by books and reading everywhere. It's not a competition. We're all working toward the same goal, which is getting kids to be readers.

So...please support your teachers in their efforts to build a classroom library. Provide them with appropriate titles for their grade levels. While they have been charged with creating a classroom library, they haven't had the training you've had in collection development. Offer an after school staff development on tips for selecting high quality books in many different genres. They might also appreciate tips on circulating and organizing their libraries.

Also, teachers shouldn't have to spend half of their paycheck every month to develop a classroom library. Please allow and encourage them to check out as many books as they need to either serve as or supplement the classroom library. If you need to reduce the number of books the kids are checking out to accomodate this, DO IT. The kids will still have access to the books and EVERYBODY WINS.

There is a link in my notes to an article about building classroom libraries that was shared in the meeting. It's a quick read, and I'd encourage you all to read it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

YAK Fest in Keller

Did you know that there is a YA book festival in our area?
Each January, Keller ISD hosts the Young Adult Keller Book Festival, aka YAK Fest.
This year it will be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at Keller Central High School from 9am to 5pm.
Here are some details:
Keynote Speaker: Barry Lyga
Featured Authors: Matt De la Pena & Choctaw storyteller Tim Tingle
Other amazing authors: Charles Benoit, Rachel Caine, Janie Chodosh, Lindsay Cummings, Beth Fehlbaum, T. M. Goeglein, Kay Honeyman, Antony John, Christine Kohler, Jeramey Kraatz, Kelsey Macke, Michelle Madow, Julie Murphy, & more!
Poetry Workshop with Colin Gilbert and Writing Workshop with Jenny Martin
Autographing: Books will be available for purchase or you can bring your own.
Food & drink available for purchase
No registration or fee is required to attend - just show up!
For additional information follow @YAK_Fest on Twitter, like the Facebook page or check out the web site.