Friday, January 23, 2015

LITE Up Conference 2015

Dallas County Schools has long been a provider of resources for districts in Dallas County. Now they are branching out into the area of training and staff development. Yesterday they launched the first annual LITE (Library and Information Technology Expo) Up Conference. Similar to the Library Expo that many of us enjoy every year, it was held at Dallas County's new training facility on Samuell Blvd. in east Dallas.

MISD was well-represented among the presenters. Librarians Amianne Bailey, Marnie Cushing, Tracy Hayes, Brittney Tubb and Leslie Reynolds gave presentations, as did MISD Tech Facilitators Valicia Bryant, Lindi Farris-Hill, Selena Knight, and Michala Price. They all did fantastic presentations and did us proud!!!

If you didn't get to attend, check out the Twitter stream below to see what you missed! #liteup2015

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