Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ICYMI: student library worker applications

ICYMI is Twitter-speak for "in case you missed it." 

A few days ago, someone on the TLC listserv posted a link to a whole collection of applications that various librarians use to select student library workers. 

The folder can be found here. It includes forms, parent permissions, teacher permissions, job descriptions, etc. 

Really useful stuff!

Image citation: Internet application. Photography. Encyclop√¶dia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 28 Apr 2015. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Free audiobooks for the summer!

The 2015 Sync Free Summer Audio Books is just around the corner. 

Click the link below to see all the great free audio books you can download this summer.  Please share this information with your campus staff and students as it is free to everyone

Overdrive Update

Be on the lookout for several updates to the OverDrive digital library website that are coming on Wednesday, April 29.
  • Narrated (embedded audio) eBooks and enhanced audiobooks will be identified by special text on the cover image, in addition to information on the details page.
  • Users will be able to renew digital titles.

    If there are no existing holds on a title, the renew option appears on your digital library bookshelf three days before the title expires. Renewing a title does not extend the lending period, but allows the user to borrow the title again right after the lending period expires by placing a hold on the title.
  1. After clicking renew:
    Note: Any users that have not previously placed a hold on a title will be asked to enter their birth date before proceeding.
    • Users 13 and over enter their email address and can select to automatically borrow the title at renewal.
    • Users 12 and under receive a message that the title is renewed. An alert icon on the user’s account at the digital library will indicate when the title is available.
  2. Once borrowed, users must download the title again or select Read (in your browser) to continue reading.
If a title has holds, the request again option will appear, allowing the user (of any age) to join the holds list to borrow the title again as soon as it’s available.
Information will be added to the digital library help page upon launch to help users with the new feature.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Region 10 Summer Staff Development for Librarians

From Terry Roper at Region 10:

Hello All,
Click here for the Region 10 Library Services cooperative  summer professional development flyer.  Some highlights I would like to point out include:

June 4---Carolyn Foote, technolibrarian, blogger and White House Champion of Change for Connected Learning will be joining us from Austin for a full day of big picture/forward thinking issues around library design, policies, missions, etc. This session will be of use to anyone thinking of designing/redesigning their library as well as library staff who are seeking to get a handle on library policies and best practices.  Check out Carolyn’s blog and join us on 6/4.    http://futura.edublogs.org/

June 15—Gail Shipley, member of the Texas Bluebonnet Award program committee will be here to share ideas, lessons, activities, and more to help get students excited about reading the TBA list.  Appropriate for all elementary library staff as well as classroom teachers.

August 7—Library Summit.  We are thrilled that Library Girl, Jennifer LaGarde will deliver the keynote session as well as a break out session.  The location will be in Dallas, call for proposals and more details to come.  http://www.librarygirl.net/

TexQuest database sessions which are open to all educators in Region 10 with a TexQuest subscription.  On June 25th we will have an elementary and a secondary Encyclopedia Britannica session.  On August 10th, we will have a trainer from Gale in one room offering an elementary and secondary session, and a trainer from Britannica offering an elementary and secondary session so you can attend on 8/10 and have a half day training for each of these valuable resources.  Invite your teachers!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Region 10 is undergoing a transition to a new registration/calendar system, so the classes will be open for registration on Friday, May 1st

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Looking forward to seeing you all this summer!


Terry Roper, Library Consultant
Region 10 Education Service Center
400 E. Spring Valley Rd.
Richardson, TX  75081

Monday, April 20, 2015

Advice for TLA Attendees (Current and Future)

When your administrators make an investment in your professional development by allowing you to attend an out of town conference, it is wise to communicate what you learned while you were gone.

The report I submitted to my supervisor is embedded below.

How will you let your administrators and colleagues know what YOU learned? Leave your ideas or share a link to your report in the comments.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Texas Library Association Conference 2015

Check out what's happening in Austin this week via the twitter stream embedded below.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Literacy Specialist meeting notes

The topic was writing this morning at the elementary Literacy Specialists meeting. There was much discussion of using mentor texts, which is a perfect area where librarians can support teachers and help kids grow their writing skills.

Librarians can provide teachers with lots of mentor texts and use mentor texts themselves when doing read alouds. 

What is a mentor text? It's any book that a teacher can use to show students an example of good writing. As you read through books in your collection, make note of any that stand out as good examples so you'll be ready when someone asks for a good example of descriptive writing or a strong lead or voice or any of the other traits of good writing.

When you use a mentor text in a read aloud, ask kids to notice things about how the text is written. For example, notice how the author starts the story. Does he use a question? Does he use dialogue? Does he start by describing the setting so you feel like you are there?

If you need help in this area, check out this great blog : Teach Mentor Texts. This blogger reviews lots of books, but also has posts talking about which books are good examples of which writing trait. Good stuff.

Click here to see the handouts and my (rather sparse) notes from the meeting.

Image citation: 
First Grader Working on a Writing Assignment. Photography. Encyclop√¶dia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 9 Apr 2015. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

When is last day to checkout?

It's that time of year when this question pops-up more and more!

Just a reminder:
Each year all books are scheduled to be due 2 weeks before school is out. All libraries are to remain open and circulating until the final due date.  At that time, circulation stops, but the library is to remain open for other activities (read-alouds, research, etc…).