Monday, April 27, 2015

Overdrive Update

Be on the lookout for several updates to the OverDrive digital library website that are coming on Wednesday, April 29.
  • Narrated (embedded audio) eBooks and enhanced audiobooks will be identified by special text on the cover image, in addition to information on the details page.
  • Users will be able to renew digital titles.

    If there are no existing holds on a title, the renew option appears on your digital library bookshelf three days before the title expires. Renewing a title does not extend the lending period, but allows the user to borrow the title again right after the lending period expires by placing a hold on the title.
  1. After clicking renew:
    Note: Any users that have not previously placed a hold on a title will be asked to enter their birth date before proceeding.
    • Users 13 and over enter their email address and can select to automatically borrow the title at renewal.
    • Users 12 and under receive a message that the title is renewed. An alert icon on the user’s account at the digital library will indicate when the title is available.
  2. Once borrowed, users must download the title again or select Read (in your browser) to continue reading.
If a title has holds, the request again option will appear, allowing the user (of any age) to join the holds list to borrow the title again as soon as it’s available.
Information will be added to the digital library help page upon launch to help users with the new feature.

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