Monday, June 8, 2015

Something to think about this summer...

A few weeks ago, MISD staff was asked to take a survey regarding technology use. Since part of our job as librarians is to support, model and encourage using technology for learning, I wanted to share some of the survey results with you. By having an awareness of this data, you will be able to use this summer to think about ways you can help move your campus along in some of these areas.

Critical writing is one of the fundamental five and the best way for students to process and share their thinking. Writing in a digital format increases their engagement and connects them to a read world audience, but 72% of our teachers never ask kids to do it. How can you help improve this number?

Library Services provides access to many tools that students can use to get information. From video streaming services to newspaper and magazine databases, online encyclopedias to an image database - we can meet pretty much any information need, yet 71% of our teachers NEVER ask students to get information from these tools. What can you do to improve this on your campus?

MISD provides Google Apps for Education to teachers and students, yet 54% of our teachers never ask students to use it to share and collaborate on projects/assignments. We have been using it in Library Services for many years, so librarians are more than capable of sharing and modeling how to use it. What can you do to promote the use of Google Apps on your campus?

79% of our teachers ask their students to do research, but according to the chart above that research is not typically based on an authentic problem. In order for research to help develop students' critical thinking and problem solving skills, the research project must be designed to tap into those higher level questions. How can you help teachers on your campus raise the level of rigor/thinking required by their research projects?

We will be looking at this data in more detail when you return in August, but hopefully this will give you some insight and you can already have some ideas about how you will help your campus improve in these areas when you come back.

Enjoy your summer!

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