Friday, October 30, 2015

Top shelf idea: Reading aloud is powerful at ALL grade levels

Elementary librarians had a staff development a couple of weeks ago about the importance of reading aloud. While that may seem like a strange topic for a group of readers, the purpose was to remind us all what an important instructional strategy reading aloud really is.

As book people, it is our responsibility to help classroom teachers discover this fact and put it to work in their classrooms. At the end of our session, I challenged the librarians to go back and really promote the read aloud on their campuses. This is what Brittney at Gentry Elementary did for her teachers:

I put the attached note and a picture book in all teacher boxes on Tuesday.

I also sent out the following email. Teachers,I went to a staff development last week on READING ALOUD and the important role it plays in all grade levels!  Did you know that a good children’s book is three times richer in vocabulary than conversation?! I know that there is a limited amount of time in your curriculum for reading aloud and I’m thinking of ways to make this easier for you.  Today, I placed a picture book in your box.  Please read this book to your students for your next read aloud.  Many are short, easy-to-read books that can be read quickly.  A few books, in the upper grades, are longer and might need more time.  When you are done with this book, simply return it to my box and I will find another one for you! J I hope to keep this exchange going with all of you!  If you have any questions, please let me know.
 I have already have several teachers return the books and I have quickly replaced it with another great read.  A few teachers have left me notes telling me how much their class has enjoyed the book I picked for them.  After a few picture books, I want to change the upper grades to chapter books.  I also want to add in some poetry for all grade levels.

Thanks, Brittney, for rising to the challenge with an easy to implement idea!

What are you doing to promote reading aloud on your campus? 

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  1. What a GREAT proactive approach! That is Top Shelf!