Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Upcoming webinar opportunities

Here are a couple of upcoming webinars that look good and fit in with our vision for library services in MISD. You can log on at the links below if you would like to attend!

Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time
12 Innovative Reading Ideas! New Ways to Inspire You & Your Students
Presented by Paige Jaeger, Curriculum Consultant and Instructional Focus Editor for School Library Connection
Sponsored by ABC-CLIO Solutions

In This Session
As standards and pedagogy change to accommodate 21st century learning and 21st century students, we need to think about why we do the things we do…and perhaps change. This webinar will give you a dozen fresh ideas to mix-up your reading activities. Paige Jaeger, curriculum consultant and instructional focus editor for School Library Connection will share ideas to: 

Inspire reading and curiosity

Integrate technology

Connect to classroom instruction

Connect from classroom instruction

Infuse new wacky-wild reading rides into your program

If you are looking for new ideas, or packaged ideas to help you through this busy season, tune in! After all, reading is the key to achievement! The more students read, the better they'll read. The better they read, the more they’ll comprehend. Paige will field questions from attendees after her presentation. This session will be helpful for librarians and teachers looking for new ideas to promote and increase reading within their building. Downloadable handouts will be shared.

To Participate in the Live Session
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- Log in at at the scheduled time.
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Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time
Virtual Instruction: Teaching without Time and Space Constraints
Presented by Michelle Luhtala, Head Librarian at New Canaan High School (CT), and Dr. Brenda Boyer, School Librarian, Kutztown, PA

In This Session
"There isn’t enough time!” is the most common complaint in education. While this is still true in many instances, we have access to an increasing number of online communication tools that can increase instructional reach. Educators can create synergy between websites, learning management systems, assessment tools, badging features, tutorials, library collections, communications platforms, and social media to help learners engage with instructional materials in unprecedented ways. In this session, participants will discover strategies to cross-pollinate instruction, and maximize learning opportunities. This month's special guest is Dr. Brenda Boyer, school librarian in Kutztown, PA, and co-author of Social Media Curation with Joyce Valenza.

This program is platform agnostic and will be of particular value for educators working with grades 3-12, including school librarians, classroom teachers, curriculum coordinators, and administrators.

To Participate in the Live Session
- This webinar will be recorded and archived in this community for viewing at anytime.
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  1. Do these webinars count for our number of hours of workshops for the five year requirement, and if so, can they be joined from home or do I need to come to the tech center to get credit.

  2. My understanding is that if the session takes place outside of the school day, it can be counted, but you might want to verify that with Personnel. You just have to present documentation of your attendance. You can watch on your own from home.

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