Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TexQuest Tuesday

TexQuest is the statewide digital resources program that provides anytime, anywhere access to high quality, authoritative digital information for Texas students and teachers at a substantially reduced cost. In order to keep these resources for our students, we need to be using and promoting them with our teachers. Texquest Tuesday is semi-regular feature on this blog that will give you materials and information you can use to spread the word about these resources.

Tell your Special Education professionals that TexQuest has Text to Speech capabilities. It may be one of the best gifts you share this week. STAAR A has a text to speech function, and many special education teachers are looking for a similar resource so their students can practice. Show them the "read aloud" features in Gale and Britannica, and they will get excited about all of the other resources TexQuest provides for students. We have created an infographic to promote this feature. Print it, use it for a quick presentation, or send the url to your special education teachers and let them discover these resources on their own. A "how to" slide show has also been created and linked to the infographic. Feel free to copy the slides, add your district access information, and let your teachers know what a wonderful resource you are. Continue for links to the infographic and slide show.

Here's the text of an email that you could edit and send out:

Did you know that some of our library's digital resources have a text to speech feature? This means that the computer can read the text to your students. Click the links below for more info or come see me in the library. I would love to show you how to access these tools!

Text to Speech in TexQuest (Google Slides presentat

Britannica School

Gale Research in Context

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