Monday, February 1, 2016


Nearpod is an intriguing solution to an "all-in-one" presentation and polling application for classroom and other large iPad environments. The app provides the ability to upload existing presentations as well as create new ones from scratch. Adding interactive features such as question/answer polling, surveys and drawings are easy and the entire pacing of the presentation is controlled from the teacher's iPad.

The district pays for all librarians to have an account so you definitely want to check out this tool and see how useful it can be in your library. Use these Student Task cards to help get started. Your tech facilitator can help you get started if you have never tried a Nearpod.

You may need to download Nearpod(from the APP store) on your iPad if you don't already have it.  After you download, click sign-in and then choose to login with your Google credentials.

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