Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I want an Overdrive Media Station!

Are you interested in having an Overdrive Media Station (OMS) on your campus to help promote the Digital Library?  Apply here!

What is an OMS?
OverDrive Media Station (OMS) is an HTML5 web-based platform optimized for touchscreen kiosk hardware. It allows your visitors to explore your digital collection within your physical space. OMS raises awareness of your digital collection for patrons who are unfamiliar with the service and shows them how to borrow the digital content your library provides.
All of this works through an HTML5 website designed and optimized specifically for a touchscreen kiosk.
For more information see the Overdrive Media Station FAQ's
If interested, apply above.  The deadline for applications is Friday, April 16.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Overdrive Read

Our Digital Library will have copies of this book in ebook and audiobook format for all high school students and staff. The book will be always available with no holds during March 17-31. This is a great opportunity to spark interest in the Digital Library and get students and teachers reading and having conversations about books. Check out our shared Google folder for marketing materials. You will find graphics and a discussion guide to help you promote this event.