Monday, April 4, 2016

HIstory & Notes in the Digital Library

Students can now access their reading history, notes and highlights at the new History and notes page.

·        The History & notes page contains a history of all titles borrowed since January 1, 2016. This page allows students to quickly see which titles they've borrowed, access the details page to borrow the title again, and access the new Notes & highlights pages.
The History & notes page displays the following for each title, when applicable:
o   Links for the title's details page and author(s)
o   Reading level information
o   The user's star rating for the title (or the ability to rate it, if they haven't yet)
o   The month and year of the most recent checkout
o   How many times the user borrowed the title
o   A Notes & highlights link (only for OverDrive Read eBooks)
The History & notes page is accessed from the user's Account.
·        Notes & highlights pages are also now available for titles borrowed in OverDrive Read. If the user opens an eBook in OverDrive Read and makes notes and/or highlights in that eBook, those notes and highlights will display on the Notes & highlights page, even if the user doesn't have the title checked out anymore. This allows students to refer to their notes for homework, book reports, etc., after the lending period ends.
Notes & highlights pages show highlighted passages, the colors of the highlights, and any notes made in the eBook. The pages also show reading information such as how many pages were read, how long the book was open, and more.

Keep in mind: Depending on the length of the highlighted passage, the Notes & highlights page may only display a portion of the passage.

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