Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paying Bills

I know this year is a little different and we are working towards a shift in our thinking about circulating books year round.  You might want to concentrate on getting bills cleared instead of getting books returned.  Of course, we know that returning books clears bills.  And this allows more books to be circulated.  And that's our ultimate goal--to keep books in the hands of our students--year round!  I have had several questions about bills and procedures for paying so I want to take this post to review those procedures.

  • Items that are kept more than one month past the due date are assumed to be lost and will have a bill created in the circulation system.
  • Students are expected to pay for lost library materials.  Only the librarian has the ability to override a bill to allow for more checkouts.  Librarians may use the barcoded override card.  Students should not use this as it has access to many overrides in the system.  There is a student override that allows for "renewal limits" and "number of items checked out" limits. (If you are unsure of the 2 overrides, please contact me!)
  • Students may pay a bill with cash, check or time.  Time should ONLY be used if a student actually serves time in the library shelving, edging or dusting. Time should not be used to "fix mistakes".
  • If a student was billed in error or there are "special" circumstances, contact the Library Technology Facilitator to correct.  (That's me!)
  • We will suspend billing for overdue items during the summer and reinstate 2 weeks after school starts again in the fall.
For more information, see the pages below on the Policies and Procedures site. 
 Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have questions!

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