Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Food for Thought: Where to Start

Our new librarians met earlier this week for Survival Training. One of the things we discussed was the importance of focusing on the people on your campus and not the stuff in your library. With this fresh in my mind, I came across this blog post that included this quote:

Those early first-impression back-to-school days when faculty, parents, and students walk into the library are critical.  What they see of the library is what they will think about the librarian. What do you want them to see, to think, to remember?  A quiet, static place with lots of well-organized books on orderly shelves and a librarian who handles a circulation desk or a robust, vibrant, compelling, interactive classroom filled with instructional treasures and facilitated by an accomplished, proficient, collaborative teacher librarian?

If we want to be taken seriously and convincingly as instructional partners and co-teachers, if we want to erase any lingering stereotypes, we must send a clear message: we are teacher focused and student centric. We are not just about the books.
As we start a fresh new school year, consider putting aside your "to do" list and ask yourself this. What do your teachers need from you right now? That's the place where we start.
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