Thursday, October 13, 2016

For Your Consideration...

Since you are working on your book orders, I wanted to alert you to a wonderful new book that you may want to order for your library.

It's called Who Wins: 100 Historical Figures Go Head-To-Head and You Decide the Winner! by Clay Swartz.

Clay is the son of our own Debbie Swartz and this is his first book. It has been extremely well-reviewed and would be a fantastic addition to any school library collection.

Who Wins is not your typical nonfiction book. Here's how the publisher describes it:

Let's say Charles Dickens challenges Mother Teresa to a lightsaber duel--they're both equally fit, so will his superior artistry overcome her advantage in bravery and leadership? Or who wins karaoke--Nelson Mandela or Jane Austen? They certainly both have a way with words, but Mandela's over-the-top courage might take the day.

Mixing and matching 100 historical figures in 50 competitive categories, from Ping-Pong to climbing Mount Everest, Who Wins? turns history into a compelling game, which means kids learn while having fun in the process. Each of the famous people is given a short bio and ranked in six categories--bravery, leadership, artistry, wealth, wisdom, and fitness.

And because there are no right answers, the reader decides, and in the very act of deciding and justifying the answer, real learning has taken place.

Here's a picture of the inside:

The middle part is die cut, so kids can change the battle and the competitors as they like. 

There are so many teaching opportunities to be had with this book, as the reviews attest:

"History with a hilarious spin and a cinch to provoke vigorous debates aplenty." — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"A battle royale that stretches across human history in delightfully ridiculous ways." — Publishers Weekly

"An unforgettable fact trove and endless debates." — Mental_Floss

"History just got a whole lot more warped and wacky." — Entertainment Weekly

"This genius concept is so much fun that your kids won't even realize they are learning about fascinating historical figures, from Nelson Mandela to Marie Curie, and honing their debating skills in the process." — Barnes & Noble Kids Blog

"It has brought us hours of fun, laughs, crazy scenarios, and learning." —

Who Wins is available from multiple sources, including Follett Titlewave and Amazon

Highly recommended!!! 

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