Friday, May 12, 2017

Digital Library Changes

I'm excited to share that on Thursday, May 18, our Digital Library is being updated to filter titles according to a user's access level. This popular request will create an easier and more customized experience for our students as they browse our collection.

How will this work?

·        Users will only see titles that they can borrow and place holds on based on their assigned access level (this includes titles at their level and below).

·        Your Subjects, Collections, and Levels menus will filter content based on the user’s access level.

o   The Subjects menu will be replaced with a page that displays all the subjects available to the user.
o   If a curated collection does not contain any titles accessible to the user, it will not display in the Collections menu.

What else do I need to know?

·        Direct links to titles, such as in MARC records, will still work the same as today. If a user clicks on a link to a title that is inaccessible to them, they will see the notice “This title is not available for your age level.”

·        The sign-in process for the Digital Library will remain the same. Please continue to let me know if we have any titles that have an incorrect access level. I can change those immediately. 

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